weighted blanket for couples

Weighted Blanket for Couples

In deciding to share a bed for couples first, you need to know how weighted blankets work or are safe weighted blanket for couples. Before use weighted blankets, let’s know about weighted blanket for couples.

What are weighted blankets?

In recent years, weighted blankets have started to make their way into more and more households, but you might be wondering what they are and what they’re used for — and if you should try it yourself.

These blankets differ from the regular blankets you’ll find at most stores. While both types are cozy in their own way, weighted blankets are significantly heavier than the average blanket, and with good reason. They’re known for providing a good night’s sleep to its users, and in turn, improving their health overall.

Is a weighted blanket safe for couples?

Yes, many people want to sleep together with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Many are not a suite at all. It totally depends on your chose, if you feel comfortable to stay alone it is not for you. It is a large size weighted blanket.

What I consider to buy a weighted blanket for couples

As with any purchase, you’ll want to do your research before committing to a weighted blanket. Ask around for recommendations from people who use weighted blankets, and look carefully at the product descriptions of potential options for the factors outlined below. These major weighted blanket characteristics—weight, size, filler type, cover material, and price—can help you find a weighted blanket that will work with your sleep preferences and budget while making sure you’re getting a good deal.

5 things to know before buying weighted blanket for couples

weighted blanket for couples
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  1. Size: This is one of the most valuable before buying weighted blankets. Most blankets are made for a single user at a time and are about the size of a throw blanket. Some companies do offer larger weighted blankets for couples wanting to sleep under the same blanket but double-check the dimensions before purchasing to be sure there’s room for both of you underneath. Taller-than-average individuals may want to check the dimensions of blanket options carefully to make sure they’re long enough.
  2. Weighted: Using a weighted blanket 10% of your body weight. This is not a le, it is just concept. If you feel comfortable under light-weighted blanketd than you try these types of blankets.
  3. Pricing: Weighted blanket is the high pricing. It is around $250 or more some the kets are cheap but not feel more comfortable. Here I collect cheap weighted blanket check it out.
  4. Cover: Weighted blankets with fillers tend to have a detachable duvet-like cover. These covers serve several purposes, including easier washing and the option to swap duvet colors and materials without having to purchase a whole new blanket. In the summer, the cover can even be removed, to make sleeping under the blanket cooler. The classic weighted blanket cover is soft microfiber, but bamboo and specially made cooling covers are also available.
  5. Filler type: Weighted blankets can be filled with plastic, glass, or foam beads. A filler is the most common weighting mechanism, though some weighted blankets—such as those from Bearaby—use weighted weaves, instead.

Pros cons using weighted blanket for couples


If you’re sharing a bed with another person, there are several reasons to choose one larger weighted blanket for both of you:

Cost: the cost of one weighted blanket will be less than buying two of them, even if you buy a larger one as opposed to two smaller sizes. That helps you ta save money.

Care: you’ll only have to deal with washing and caring for one weighted blanket. They do require more care and effort than other kinds of regular blankets and bedclothes.

Covering the Bed: Trying to organize the bedclothes around two people when you have two weighted blankets would undoubtedly be more complicated than if there is one covering the two bodies.


When it comes to the cons of using a weighted blanket for a couple, it all comes down to how well it will function.

If you look at the information on sizing a weighted blanket, you’ll see that they work best if the weight is evenly distributed across one body.

A weighted blanket should fit closely over one body and not be so large that it will hang down the sides of the bed. If you have one large blanket draped across two bodies, then the weight distribution will not work the same as one blanket fitting closely to your shape.

5 Weighted blanket for couples which I collect for you

Best weighted blankets for couples
1. King Size Weighted Blanket for Couples
2. Vintap Adult King Size Weighted Blanket for Couples
3. Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 2.0 King Size for Couple
4. YnM Weighted Blanket for Couple
5. ZonLi Breathable Light Grey Weighted Blanket for couple

1.JOLLYVOGUkKing Size Weighted Blanket

Key feature

  •  100% Soft Cotton
  •  Includes two extra breathable cotton layers
  • for most adaption to your body shape and better temperature control
  • 7%-12% of their body weight will be the most comfortable
  • Machine wash separately in warm or cold water
  • Package Dimensions16 x 15.6 x 6.9 inches

2. Vintap Adult King Size Weighted Blanket for Couples

Key feature of vintap blanket

  • Bonus Minky Duvet
  • 12 ties security system
  • Machine washable
  • Small square pocket
  • Deep touch pressure therapy

3. Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 2.0 King Size for Couples

Key feature of HYPNOSER weighted blanket

  • 100% Cotton Fabric Filled With Glass
  • made of 100% premium breathable cotton that is hypoallergenic 
  • Filled with clear non-toxic odorless glass beads
  •  machine-washable on gentle program cold water
  • Product Dimension-19x 16.2 x 6.2 inches

4. YnM Weighted Blanket for Couples

Key feature of YNM blankets

  • 100% cotton Material with Glass Beads
  • Dark Grey Premium Cotton Duvet Cover
  • The Duvet Cover is a Free
  • Produce a unique 7-layer weighted blanket
  • Luxury king size 80”x87” is for couple

5. ZonLi Breathable Light Grey Weighted Blanket for couples

Key feature of ZonLi weighted blanket

  • 100% Cotton Inner with a Free Grey/Navy Minky Cover
  • Give you better sleep
  •  High-density sewing technology
  • Smaller squares to distribute glass beads inside the blanket evenly
  • Easy cleaning

Weighted blanket seems too high pressure for your body. Here I provide information only for the couple, not for a single. If you have kids do not share a bed with a boyfriend/girlfriend. Please note: Before buying a weighted blanket show this product customers review

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