weighted blanket death

Weighted Blanket Death

First you may know ,what is weighted blanket? weighted blankets is  made with  heavy material weight so that it  feel heavier than a other blanket. Now a days people use weighted blanket for night partner,it not for everyone highly recommend to use teens or adults  It is not safe for your child whom the age under one year .Weighted blanket death causes your child so be careful

Weighted Blanket death? what can I do?

Yes,weighted blanket is causes death because if don’t follow the instruction you should fall trap.The problem with weighted blankets for infants is that they would be too heavy. Babies grow at such a rate that it is tempting to buy a bigger size of clothes so that they can grow into them.

This doesn’t work with weighted blankets. For children with sensory issues, the general rule is for the weight to be 10% of their body weight, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. An occupational therapist would have access to different weights. A daycare is more likely to have something that was passed on to them by a parent or something a teacher brought in after her child outgrew it. At home, weighted pads can be used for infants, but you would need to have the correct weight and be supervising the infant when you are using it.

Filling a glove with rice and placing it on the baby’s back works for some babies but you can’t just leave them like that in the crib.You can done it when  needed a break from holding your baby for all his naps, but you need still right there. Remember you didn’t leave him alone.

Which weighted blanket safe for my child?


For children over age one year  we highly  recommend  to use the Small size weighted blanket, which measures 34 inches by 50 inches. For children between the ages of 6 and 12, we recommend the Medium size, which measures 38 inches by 62 inches.

It’s very important to note that the weighted blanket should be sized to fit your child and not your child’s bed. If the blanket drapes over the sides of the mattress, the weight will pull it toward the ground.

It is true that weighted blanket death for your child whom the of under one year

Who can use weighted blanket

Weighted blanket usually  fit for teen or adult.For some adults or special needs individuals, a weighted blanket has been said to calm the anxious and distressed.  Some medical providers  have recommended such a blanket for adults who have medical conditions such as restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, night terrors or sleep apnea. Some medical providers encourage the use of such a blanket with children.  In the case of children, it is usually because the child suffers from a sensory processing issues as do autistic children and others with special needs.

 watch this &feel comfort
Which blanket is best

A great blanket should not only make you feel cozy but also keep you from sweating, all while looking good on your bed for many years. After spending more than 400 hours researching 125 blankets, sleeping under 28, and long-term testing our picks during three seasons, we recommend six that we like for their softness, warmth, and design, says Jessica Jery

We wanted blankets that felt comfortable on their own but wouldn’t make us sweat or overheat if we used them layered with a comforter. For this reason, we focused on blankets made of breathable fibers like cotton and wool. But we also considered those made from acrylic and polyester fleece, because they can be especially soft, warm, and lightweight

Here you find best weighted blanket   and Home improvement Eleiment

Final touch

weighted blanket made by heavy element it not use for everyone don’t use your child her age under one year ,use it teen or adult because  if little child is cover with blanket he don’t out over blanket, young have more energy so that they recover him to any kind of injured .So be careful to use weighted blanket


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