side effects of weighted blankets

Side Effects of Weighted blankets

Once a man struggles for sleep a long time, especially half of night. They tourch up twice side but sleep not comes. At least 80% of people in America suffer from sleep insomnia. But now less than 2% of people suffer from sleep disorders. Though weighted blankets have more advantage, it has some side effect. Now time to know the side effects of weighted blankets.

which blankets perfect for me?

weighted blankets have a using therapy, that’s are 10% of your body weighted. For kids 10% plus one or two percent extra. Suppose your body weighted 150 lbs you need 15 lbs or plus 2 lbs; for more information show our weighted blankets size chart.

Is Weighted blankets are hot?

Some people ask weighted blankets is hot? YES. It is a hot product. In the summer world weighted blankets are hottest. If you live in summer need cool blanket, but winter season needs a weighted blanket which is the hottest.

Side effects of weighted blankets for kids

Weighted blankets are not for kids under the age of two. Some therapist says that kids who do not move blankets, not permitted them to use. If need to use blanket for our kid, please remember don’t leave alone to go for sleep. An adult stays with him.

Side effects of weighted blankets for pregnant

Pregnancy is joyful for every mother. Struggle nine months she becomes a successful being. It is the most important time for a mother to care for him. If she well her newborn baby is well. Pregnancy time mother fell lazy, like sleep, feel anxiety, or insomnia all these things will overcome when using a weighted blanket. The weighted blanket makes him stronger.

Many people ask the weighted blanket is so heavy, the answer is using a weighted blanket 10% of your whole body weight. measure your body in the first trimester, now get your blanket.

Weighted blanket safe for an adult?

There are a few factors that go into shopping for the best-weighted blanket for adults. First off, you are going to want a gravity blanket that is about 10-13% of your total weight. Some people choose heavier because they want a stronger weight, but that is up to you. I am around 120lbs and my weighted blanket is 15lbs [so for a 150lb person] but I like it and could even go heavier.

Second, consider the size of your weighted blanket. Mine is a queen size and the weight falls both on top of me and around me so it is like a cocoon. My bed is also a queen size so I can spread out the blanket if I want to share with my partner as well. If you want more weight on you without having to fold the gravity blanket in half, I recommend getting a smaller blanket such as a twin size that is still in your desired weight.

Finally, you are going to want to choose what material your blanket is. Mine is 100% cotton with glass beads which sleeps very cool. If you want a warmer blanket because you don’t live in Florida, look for warmer suggestions.

Is weighted blankets safe for autism?

Weighted blanket has a more useful site for autism. I think this is the right to chose weighted blankets for autism. Autism is fell restless often, they need rest thair body to do sleep. weighted blankets help better sleep autism.

This is the main reason we typically get for parents buying their autistic child a weighted blanket. It’s very common for children with autism to have sleeping problems, so parents are usually very excited when they discover how much a weighted blanket can help.

The first is that weighted blankets release hormone called serotonin in the body due to the deep touch pressure. Serotonin is an important chemical when it comes to feeling calm and having a stable mood. Children with autism are often low in serotonin.

Not only does the release of serotonin help a child feel calmer, but serotonin is needed to create melatonin in the body. Children with autism also tend to be low in melatonin.

Melatonin is a chemical that your body uses to tell itself that it’s time to go to bed. It’s typically based off of your current sleep schedule. However, since children with autism tend to not produce melatonin very well on their own, they struggle to have a natural sleep schedule.

Another reason weighted blankets can help improve sleep is that they calm down the nervous system and have been shown to reduce anxiety. Often anxiety is one of the factors that keep children with autism up.

The last reason weighted blankets can help is simply that they are heavy and will reduce tossing and turning.

More information

Although they have no disadvantage of a weighted blanket yet. You will carefully use your kids. using a weighted blanket 10% of your whole body weight.

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