how to wash weighted blanket

How to wash weighted blanket

Weighted blankets is great comforter of many people. These blankets can be of particular benefit to anxiety people. Autistic and/or sensory disorders, and keeping them clean and fresh is best for comfort.  Taking good care of your weighted blanket. Will allow you to keep enjoying the comfort your blanket provides. The important part of take care of your blanket is knowing that what material is use to made it. And washing it according to the fabric’s care Laval. Cold water and gentle cleaning products can keep you holding on to them for longer with careful machine or hand washing. let’s know how to wash weighted blanket.

How to wash my weighted blanket

Prepare your Weighted Blanket for Washing

  • Read instruction on care Laval
  • Check the material of your blanket which is used by made
  • Some blankets have a removable outer layer. If yours does, it can be treated and washed separately. This layer will function like a duvet cover covering the inner weighted blanket and is easily removed.

Is your weighted blanket machine washable?

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a new blanket, especially if it’s a weighted blanket. However, drop and muddy paw prints can happen. Whether you’re on the sofa with a mug of coffee or in hidden a few crackers in bed. It’s easy to end up with a stain or two. When you need it’s important to know the best way wash weighted blanket . Make sure it keeps its shape and function through a wash and dry cycle.

Let’s know how to wash weighted blanket

First, we’ll cover washing instructions for SensaCalm weighted blanket.  For all SensaCalm weighted blankets. We recommend washing your blanket separately for best results. Do not combine other items with your weighted blanket in the washing machine. We highly recommend Wash your weighted blanket separately with your regular detergent.   

Waterproof Fabric Weighted Blankets

For a SensaCalm weighted blanket made with one of made waterproof fabrics, wash in warm or hot water. Don’t try to dry clean waterproof weighted blankets, and don’t use any bleach, vinegar or oxy productsin the time of washing. 

100% Cotton Weighted Blankets

Should you ever take your weighted blanket to a laundromat? We recommend doing this for blankets that weigh over 10 pounds, although your machine might be able to handle a bigger size if you have a front loader washing machine without a center agitator.

If you’re concerned that your weighted blanket will bunch up and throw your machine off balance, it might be best to wash it at the laundromat using the same washing instructions for smaller weighted blankets.For young kids, many people like order a duvet cover for their SensaCalm weighted blanket. The duvet cover is easy to remove, with snaps that make it simple and hassle-free to put the duvet on and remove it for no fuss washing and drying.

If you have have allergies to weighted blanket

Some people are sensitive to fabrics and dyes. At SensaCalm, we don’t pre-wash fabric before we make weighted blankets. If you or your child is particularly sensitive to fabric or dyes, you might want to wash your blanket before use.If your weighted blanket arrives with a few wrinkles, you can easily get these out by tossing your blanket in the dryer on a low setting. Once the wrinkles are out, you can cuddle up and start enjoying your new weighted blanket right away.  

How to wash weighted blanket

  • Minky -Minky is an awesome fabric that washes easily and comes out just as soft as when you put it in. The plush minky fabrics do their very best when washed alone, eliminating extra friction the other laundry items can create. If you have a stubborn stain, use non-chlorine bleach or an oxygen bleach. If you have a large blanket that you only want to spot clean, use a toothbrush to help scrub out the stain.
  • Fleece -Wash your Fleece in a warm wash and rinse; dry on low heat. If there is a particular stain that you want to wash weighted blanket, let your fleece blanket soak for 45min or so to loosen the stain. In previous experience it might seem like machine washing did your fleece a disservice, but it is often the products we are using that keep our blankets from coming out of the dryer soft and fluffy. Use a gentle to mild-powered detergent. Also, fleece is one of the fabrics that can tolerate fabric softener, and you might find that it really helps, in this case. Runing an extra rinse to eliminate any extra detergent or softens that remains in the fabric will help ensure your blanket is soft when it dries. To reduce pilling, air dry only.
  • Cotton – Many of blankets are made by 100% Cotton. For best results wash separately. Large loads can create extra heat or agitation which wears on the blanket. To keep colors bright, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the wash.
  • Flannel – Flannel is another form of the cotton blanket. Wash cool or warm, don’t wash with hot water as this will increase wear and tear on the blanket. Dry on low heat and remove from the dryer immediately to avoid over-drying the fibers. It is okay to use fabric softener and/or dryer sheets with flannel; however, if the fabric starts to lose it’s softness, wash without and run an extra rinse — extra residue can cause the fabric to feel stiff.

Final touch

However, just because it’s safe to machine wash a blanket from the comfort of your own laundry room doesn’t mean it’s foolproof. In order to cut down on the frequency of washes, Grojean recommends using a removable duvet cover, like Baloo’s French linen covers and spot cleaning using a toothbrush dipped in a solution of warm water and laundry detergent.As for fabric softeners and bleach? Those products should be avoided at all costs if you want to keep your weighted blanket in tip-top shape. “Fabric softeners can build up and cause your blanket to become scratchy, while bleach can break down fibers over time,” Grojean says.

When it comes time to dry your weighted blanket, the process is surprisingly speedy, since glass and plastic pellets don’t readily absorb water. Utilize your dryer’s low-heat cycle for optimum care, or spread your freshly laundered blanket on a large clean surface to air dry. “If you have a strong shower bar, you can hang it up, I just don’t recommend hanging a weighted blanket by one end, as it can put a strain on its seams,” Grojean says.Real Simple NewslettersGet tips, inspiration and special offers

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