how to make a weighted blanket

Easiest way to make a Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket is one of the high increase sleep materials. although it is too costly still never loss popularity. Everyone wants to pass a batter night . Some people have no more money to buy a weighted blanket if you have no more money to buy a weighted blanket don’t wary I still here ,I will teach you how to make a weighted blanket with easiest way to make a weighted blanket.

What is the cheapest way to make a weighted blanket

To make a weighted blanket you should have materials below:

  1. Sewing machine
  2. Scissors
  3. Fabric for front and back of blanket (at list 5 yards)
  4. Weighted filling
  5. Batting
  6. Kitchen scale
  7. Ruler
  8. Pins
  9. Thread (preferably matching to your blanket)
  10. scale
  11. A funnel with a large mouth

Assembling your Weighted Blanket:

1 . First you determine which size perfect for you. weighted blanket is use 10% of your body weight. Suppose your body weight is 100 lbs than you need 10 lbs , plus one or two . That’s why determine your size .

 If your blanket is going to be portable, you will want to make it smaller than the one that goes on your bed. The materials above will make a blanket to fit a twin bed (40” x 76”).  If you’re using a heftier fabric, you may wish to weigh it before making and add this weight into the total of your blanket.

2 . After your blanket size ready, place the fabrics right sides together. Than measure two inches in on two of the long sides and one of the short sides,one side open for adding your pellets. Sewing on the three lines, then turn the fabric inside out.  Iron the edges so they are nice and crisp!

Divide the area into even squares, making as neat a grid as you can.  If making 6” by 6” square, we will have a perfect six squares across and twelve squares up! measure out your weighted filling per square. If you’re unsure how much weight per square, reference the Blanket’s Weight section above. Fill each column with one squares worth of filling. Then, pull the blanket up so that all the beads fall to the bottom of your blanket and then pin out one row, creating a row of squares. Sew the row up.

Prepare for adding the plastic pellets

Poly Fill Pellets: Fill the bottom of each column with the correct portion of pellets for one pocket. Add a handful of polyfill in each square, if desired. I think poly pellets is most expensive so I recommend getting them online. I get mine from an Etsy shop where I can get them about $2/lb. You will need as much as you want to put into the blanket. It’s recommended to use about 10% of the recipient’s body weight, and you shouldn’t exceed about 15lbs. I suggest putting the beads into a plastic tote with a lid, they can be very messy if you spill

what can I do right now?

In this time you fill poly pellets inside of the blanket.Now you start Sewing, along the vertical lines to make channels six inches apart from each other. This is where you are going to pour the pellets.

Bringing all together

You may need help with this step. Layer your fabric in this order- batting, outer fabric (face up), outer fabric (face down), batting, weighted piece. See the pictures to help explain. You may need help laying the weighted piece on top. This is where binder clips can come in handy. I use binder clips and pins to hold all the pieces together.

Now, you sew it all together. The easiest way to ensure you get all the pieces is to stitch like I did in the picture, with the side of the walking foot lined up with the outer line of the muslin piece. This will need to be flipped right side out, so make sure you leave enough open space to flip it. After sewing everything together, I found it helps to trim the corners, like I did in the picture. Then flip it right side out, make sure it lays flat, and hand stitch the opening closed.

Now you make a weighted blanket

Remember to makes weighted blanket

Broken needles: In the time of sewing needle broke down .Broken needle is harmful for humans body if the needle insert your body .

Miscalculated weight distribution: suppose your body weight 150 lbs you need up to 15 lbs but you deign 20 lbs its too much ,because of your total project will gone wrong.

Sewing machine jams and creates hole in the fabric : check you machines needle because Curved needle create hole of your blanket . This looks ugly, so be careful.

Stitches are impossible to see in the minky when something went wrong and you still gotta remove ’em

I hope you know how to make a weighted blanket.I you fall problem to make weighted blanket kindly knock me on Twitter

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