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We spent thousands of hours researching, analyzing competitor products, designing, then tweaking the design, and ultimately creating the line of Premium Weighted Blankets and Covers. Just because most blankets look the same, does not mean they are of the same quality or are backed by a lifetime warranty. We found most blankets on the market today suffer from the same problems – weak stitching, blanket weight that shifts and does not stay in place, low quality fabric ( Homesmart weighted blankets are 400 thread count) and worst of all – internal pellets becoming lose and getting all over your bed.

Premium Weighted Blankets by HomeSmart Products solves all of these problems by using an ultra-soft breathable organic cotton fabric resulting in the highest thread count weighted blanket on the market. In addition we utilize premium non-toxic micro glass beads, a stitching strength that is above industry standard to prevent bead spillage as well as, carefully placed and engineered squares with an extra layer of non-glue polyester internal padding to ensure even weight distribution. The result is a Homesmart weighted blanket that will exceed your expectations!

I found your best top 10 collection of Homesmart weighted blanket here….

1. HomeSmart Products Weighted Blanket 20 lbs 

Homesmart weighted blanket

Homesmart product description

Whether you wish to whisk away the pressures of the day, or sleep more soundly, our wonderfully soft 400 THREAD COUNT PREMIUM WEIGHTED BLANKETS provide a feeling of a gentle swaddle with medium pressure. We combine the HIGHEST QUALITY materials with the natural force of gravity to provide you with the best weighted blanket solution on the market today

First select a blanket weight that is 8-12% of your body weight. Next select a blanket size. A 60×80″ blanket is perfect if you are looking for an individual sized blanket to be used while relaxing on the couch/chair or on a twin bed. Our 80×86″ blanket size is GREAT AS A QUEEN COMFORTER. — this 88×104″ size is the largest weighted blanket on the market and it is PERFECT FOR A KING BEDSPREAD or for couples.

Homesmart Product information

  1. Product Dimensions→ 15.5 x 12.5 x 6.2 inches
  2. Item Weight              →20 pounds

Manufacturer          →HomeSmart Products

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 2. HomeSmart Products Premium Queen Size Weighted Blanket for Adults


HomeSmart Blankets are designed with your bed size in mind.  This blankets are double as a personal calming blanket and are constructed with dimensions that fit traditional bed sizes.



    • Super durable
    • Machine-washable
    • Blanket weight won’t shift
    • 100% high-grade organic cotton
    • Designed to fit beds as a comforter
    • Weighted with non-toxic, no-leak micro-glass beads

 Homesmart Queen size Product information

Package Dimensions        →17.6 x 15.1 x 7.5 inches

Item Weight                    →20.6 pounds

Manufacturer              →HomeSmart Products

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3. Jungles Weighted Blanket for Adult/Teens 

homesmart blanket for adult

this blankets are made of 100% breathable natural cotton, which is more comfortable and durable than ordinary blankets. Less padding and more glass bead design are ideal for body temperature control. We sew these glass beads into smaller compartments to evenly distribute and fit perfectly into the body. Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless, high-quality glass beads are quiet when you turn around, it won’t be bumpy like other plastics.


100% cotton weighted blanket , soft and comfortable, easy to clean. There are safety angle straps inside to prevent agglomeration. Easy zipper for easy cleaning and quick drying.

NEW TECHNOLOGY: D&Y weighted inner layer adopts new sewing process: In order to prevent glass bead leakage,here add environmentally friendly glue-free polyester filler inside, which is both breathable and not sultry, and the neat and beautiful stitching also provides double protection update. The technology will solve the problem of large movements of glass beads inside the blanket. You will never worry about waking up in chaos.


This blankets are not suitable  Autism, anxiety, over-stressed people, children under 8 years old  .


AVOID BUYING A BLANKET THAT IS TOO SMALL – Many other sellers make the claim that a 60×80” blanket will be large enough for a Queen bed, however a Queen mattress is 60X80”, so a blanket of this size is not large enough to be a used as a comforter. The #1 customer regret is buying a blanket that is too small

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