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Guidelines for weighted blankets -You must need to know

Weighted blankets can take up  anywhere from five to twenty-five pounds. The rule of thumb for choosing weight is for it to be 10 percent of the user’s body weight, plus a pound or two. So for an 80-pound child, the blanket should be 10 pounds. For an 180-pound adult, you’d need a 20-pound blanket.”

I think there Is a minimum age or weight for using one but I think it would be something like 2–3 years old. Before that they prefer a swaddling technique to avoid possibility of suffocation. You should check with your doctor first if you have a child under the age of 6 you are wishing to use the blanket on. Follow weighted blanket buying guide.

You should remember weighted blanket buying tips

And the worst part of one… washing it!!!! There is no way my washing aching can handle that thing… I don’t even know if the industrial washers at the laundromat can handle it… we have one and aren’t using it because it has a horrible food spill on it and I don’t know how to get it cleaned

The theory is that,  people like  a heavier-than-normal blanket as a sleeper, and may prevent tossing and turning. As a result, the sleeper feels more secure, and sleeps more soundly and for longer periods of time.

The concept isn’t new. Heavy wraps have been used as a calming mechanism for children with autism, ADHD and other sensory disorders for more than a decade. Parents have swaddled their newborns for centuries. And the idea isn’t limited to humans also drive into pet animal. Pet owners can outfit their dogs and cats with “ Thunder Shirts” (weighted vests) to keep them from going bonkers during thunderstorms and fireworks.

With a few exceptions, weighted blankets are composed of 6-by-6-inch stitched squares (some brands are 4-by-4-inch) filled with tiny glass or plastic beads. The only real distinguishing feature is the exterior, which comes in an array of colors, patterns and fabrics such as cotton, flannel, microfiber and polyester

Before buy weighted blanket you should remember it

There is no “well Renowned-” brand.  You’ll find weighted blankets at department stores, mass merchandisers, bedding shops and online on both shopping sites and sites for people with special needs. Some companies will produce a custom blanket on demand.

Body weight should be matter.Most blankets companies are sold in five-pound increments from 5 to 25 pounds. A general rule of thumb is to choose a blanket roughly 10 percent of your ideal body weight. But, you may need a heavier or lighter version, depending on personal preference. Young children who  under the age of 3 or weighting less than 50 pounds should not use a weighted blanket because of the risk of stop  breathing— there have been at least two child deaths involving the blankets. If you’re buying one for a child,  on the side of caution and use a blanket that’s less than 10 percent of their weight.

Read this before buy weighted blanket

You need more investment.Weighted blankets is not cheep,amount to sell for $70 to $300. The heavier blanket, the larger size and the higher quality the materials, the greater the cost.

Make sure you can wash it.  Whenever you use blanket it makes dirty .Whether the blanket is a one-piece or slips into the cover, it is going to get dirty at some point. You want one that is machine-washable. If you have no washing machine now know how to wash blanket 

You may get warmer. No matter how  much cool  your bedroom, many people feel warm or even hot in bed because of their own body temperature and the composition of their mattress (foam and latex are hotter than springs). A heavy blanket may exacerbate the problem. If you “sleep warm,” look for a natural fiber cover or one designed to wick moisture.


You should remember to before  buy blanket

  1. stitch  count 400.
  2. Weighted blankets are much more difficult to transport than normal blankets.
  3. They can get pretty expensive. A 20-pound Gravity Blanket, for example, costs around $250. I’ve heard of people getting prescriptions for weighted blankets which were then covered by insurance, but this might be difficult.
  4. They can get kind of hot, especially in summer.

5.Children and pets require supervision around them.

I will try to find best blanket for you

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