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Best weighted blanket review 2019

Now a days the number of people are suffering from various sleep disease, .
The number of blankets companies are always introducing various product to help people get better sleep.
One such sleep product that has become wildly popular in recent years is the weighted blanket.
It has become a common sleep accessory for adults and children.
it is supposed to help with several sleep-related disease,

Despite the health risks that come with using weighted blankets,
they have been found to be useful in aiding with proper sleep for certain people.
Some of the advantages of using a weighted blanket are:

Reduced nighttime cortisol levels:  After a stressful day, cortisol remains
in your blood even when you go to sleep. Excess cortisol impacts
the production of melatonin and hinders sleep. Using weighted blankets has
been founded to lower cortisol levels, bringing about calmness,
relaxation and helping the person fall and stay asleep.

Increased production of serotonin: Using weighted blankets has been found to increase
the production of Serotonin,
the hormone that is responsible for keeping us awake and alert throughout the dayand preventing daytime sleepiness. Weighted blankets also help in the production of other hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, which is called happiness hormones.

Reduced instances of sleepwalking: Children who walk in sleep benefit from
the use of a weighted blanket, because the heavyweight isn’t easy to quickly get
out of in the midnight. Besides, weighted blankets are also known to
promote calmness and relaxation, reducing the instance of somnambulism.

Best Weighted Blankets of 2019

With weighted blankets so popular, bedding manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and
producing their own versions of the blanket. But not all of them are capable of providing
you with the benefits of weighted blankets. We have listed the best weighted
blankets 2019 and choice your best weighted blanket.

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

best weighted blanket

GOOD SLEEP Weighted Blanket is designed to be around 10% of your body weight,
which can offer great all-nature sleep for both adults and children by offering
the gentle feeling of being hugged. For new users, please choose 7% of
body weight if you have the worries of being too heavy.

Weighted Idea blanket is a wonderful sleeping gift for your loved
ones in ANY HOLIDAYS and ANY OCCASIONS. Weighted Idea wants to
delight our customers. If you have any problem, please contact us freely, we will make it right to you


Weighted inner layer comes with an indulgently plush cover that’s durable and easy to care for. Works especially well for restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and anxiety. Stitched to ensure even distribution. Available in just about any size and weight. Great customer service.

ConsExpensive. The plastic beads aren’t secured, and although the stitching helps keep them in place, you can expect some shifting.

ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket 

best weighted blanket 2019

The structure of ZonLi weighted blanket:
1. 2 layers 100% breathable cotton fabric.
2. Two layers microfiber to avoid leakage.
3. Filled with Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless glass beads.
4. Non-glue polyester padding to avoid move and noise of the glass beads.

A FANTASTIC GIFT IDEA: ZonLi weighted blanket is a popular gift choice for your lovers
as more and more people have a bad sleep quality. The grey weighted blanket
decorates your bedroom more elegant and fashionable. Choose ZonLi weighted blanket,
return a firm hug for them.


Comes in multiple weights and sizes. Warm and cozy with good insulation. Most owners find these blankets highly effective for treating insomnia and anxiety, and they may be helpful for a number of other conditions such as ADD, ADHD, and autism.

ConsStitched segments are larger than that of some other blankets, which may lead to increased shifting and gathering of the plastic pellets.

EMYHOM 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket Kids Bed Heavy Blankets for Great Sleeping 

best weighted blanket 2019

Comfort is a key ingredient of the YEMYHOM weighted blankets.
Our blanket is made of 100% Cotton fabric, breathable, comfortable and skin-friendly.
30% More beads are evenly distributed in each pockets and perfect adaption to our body.
Super soft odorless fiberfill are filled inside to prevent movement and noise,
provide soft and warmth while you’re resting


Stands out for honeycomb stitching that is both attractive and stylish. Available in several weights, sizes, and neutral colors. Suitable for calming sleeplessness, stress, and other concerns. Affordably priced.


The beaded particles in the stuffing are detectable, which may be annoying to some users. Some blankets are a few inches shorter than advertised

Simple Being Weighted Blanket 3.0,

best weighted blanket review

  • TOP QUALITY RAW MATERIAL SELECTIONS: 100% Ultra-fine Cotton top fabrics with a high thread count of 300tc. Hypo-allergenic, Non-toxic/ Odourless/ Lead free glass beads. 100% premium cotton padding.

NEW MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY: High SPI (7-8 stitches per Inch) and diamond shape design to encase glass beads, which prevents noise and shifting of beads. Triple stitching on edge of blanket and loops to secure with in duvet


Available in neutral gray, blue, green, and pink, colors that pair nicely with different room décor. Fabric has a soft texture. Owners say it helps reduce stress and promotes more restful sleep. Reasonably priced.


Available in fewer sizes than some other adult-size weighted blankets.


Although weighted blankets claim to offer a number of health and sleep benefits, remember to consult with your doctor before you start using it if you have any health problem that requires attention.

If you have no idea to wash  weighted blanket read more?

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